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Breath of Life Foundation was founded with the intent to assist families in Wisconsin in fighting their battle with Cystic Fibrosis.

Despite living a life of adversity, Lauren Arkens gracefully exuded the determination and tenacity required to defy the odds of someone diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) in 1984. With a prescribed life expectancy in the mid-teens, this young woman took her terminal illness the distance. She achieved the only known “cure” for CF – a double lung transplant. And through it all, Lauren lived her life, her way, on her own terms.

As a mother, wife, college graduate, competitive athlete, business owner in the Green Bay community, and the Co-Founder of our Foundation, Lauren was determined to leave her mark on a world that did not immediately accept her wish to live fully.

Through Lauren’s direct involvement from the very beginning of our Foundation in the Fall of 2016, we began to thrive in and around the Cystic Fibrosis communities in MilwaukeeMadison, and Green Bay. Lauren’s personal experience with CF provided insight into what patients and families needed to really begin to live a life while living with CF. Through collaboration, we began to make a real impact in patients and families’ lives.

Lauren’s sudden and abrupt passing in April 2019 due to complications related to her transplant brought even greater clarity to our focus — help real people live a robust, meaningful life with Cystic Fibrosis. It is our hope that Lauren’s story, and the stories of those we help will motivate you to help us continue her beautiful legacy for years and years to come.

Today, with the memory of Lauren and her legacy guiding everything we do, our Foundation continues to make an impact by filling in the gaps patients and families need, in an effort to promote a higher quality of life. We continue to support financial assistance for medications, additional treatments, nutritional supplements, medical equipment, utilities, travel, lodging, and other common ancillary costs that make daily life even harder to live.

In Memoriam

Lauren Arkens (1984-2019)

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Breath of Life Foundation Board of Directors
Julie Gile, Tyler Arkens, Connie Greenawald, Don Noskowiak, Stephanie Willems, Sherry Eisch & Suzanne Kowalczyk
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