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For the last two holiday seasons, Breath of Life Foundation has provided the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patients and their families at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin with an amazing supply of toys, crafts, games, activity/coloring books, sports balls, and a wide variety of books for all ages. Most recently, gift cards have also been provided to meet the interests of teens and young adults and provide support to parents bringing their child to clinic that day. Breath of Life has partnered with local schools and organizations to provide these much-needed items specifically for people who have been affected by CF.

We have had the privilege of distributing these gifts to families, and the joy and happiness that is seen in the eyes of children who receive a gift is a bright spot in our lives as well. Parents are very appreciative of the gifts, and the toys and books are a comfort to a child who doesn’t feel well, needs a blood test, or might have to spend the next two weeks in the hospital. The Breath of Life gifts are so numerous that the giving lasts much longer than the holiday season. An unexpected surprise around a child’s birthday or for working extra hard doing their breathing tests has gone a long way to make a child smile when they come to see the CF Team.

We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Breath of Life Foundation for supporting the CF Clinic at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The children and parents also are so grateful for these donations. Thanks for all you do for our CF Program!

Lisa Hacker, MSW and Tami Miller, RD
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
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