A Letter from Froedtert Hospital CF Adult Clinic

I am writing this letter to say huge thanks for all that you and your foundation do help our CF patients. The foundation has been extremely generous in funding items that our patients would not otherwise be able to afford. Insurance has been covering less and less and our patients have turned to you for those co-pays and other costs associated with CF care. When one of our patients stated that he could not afford the $30 co-payment in order to receive a new vest, you stepped in, no hesitation!

The second item that is a big hit with many of our patients is the gift cards. Money towards a tank of gas, or some food at the grocery store, or a Target gift card to help with the costs of getting to clinic visits may seem like a small thing but they can make the difference between coming to a clinic visit and deciding to skip a visit. We have a young patient who drives many hours to come to clinic and is always so happy to get a gift card to Subway, knowing that she will get a free meal on her way home.

Lauren and Tyler work so hard to ensure that CF is less of a burden to our patients and their families. It is very much appreciated.

Julie Siegel MSW
Social Worker, CF Adult Clinic
Froedtert Hospital

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