Sara K’s Story

The Breath of Life Foundation truly gives our family hope that there are opportunities to help my kids who have cystic fibrosis stay healthy through exercise. The best thing for their lungs is for them to keep active and enjoy exercising. My son loves Lacrosse all year round and Football and my daughter loves to dance. These activities can be quite expensive along with paying for all their other medications and doctors appointments to keep them healthy. We have not had any luck finding an organization to help us financially. 

Having 2 kids with cystic fibrosis is very overwhelming and costly. I appreciate that the founder, who also has CF, started this organization to help others that live in Wisconsin with CF. I will continue to give back to this organization. It’s a great feeling knowing that this money will directly help Wisconsin families with their struggles. Thanks Breath of Life foundation for everything you have done for my family. God Bless you.

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